Andrea Lopez
Mixed Media Artist


As a self-taught artist, my path has been an unconventional one - initially trained as a physician, I spent nearly two decades as a pediatrician before returning to my lifelong passion of art. My name is Andrea Lopez, and I am a Colombian-American artist living in Vancouver, WA and creating vibrant mixed media paintings that combine abstract and realistic elements.

 Working intuitively with collage, acrylic, oil pastels, and varied media, I build up layers of paint, allowing each piece to evolve organically from an initial source of inspiration drawn from color, texture, or organic shapes. Animals, still lifes, barns, figures, and cultural motifs materialize amidst the abstract expressionism, infused with a sense of playfulness inherited from my Colombian heritage. Text, fonts, and worldly accents are woven throughout, reflecting my love of travel and language. 

Ultimately, it is color and texture that are the constant driving forces behind my artistic style and the very elements that lend each piece its unique vibrancy and depth.

Painting is my life's joy, a vibrant means of personal expression and connection. It is my hope that cada pieza, each piece, will inspire moments of uplifting reflection and enrich the lives of all who experience it.


I am currently represented by Waterstone Gallery, an artist-owned and operated gallery located in the Pearl District, the heart of Portland’s thriving arts community. Visit us here:

Aiming  to elevate the ordinary in thoughtful and often whimsical ways, my art is meant to inject more joy into our daily existence.

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