Hi there, I am a Colombian born artist, currently living and working in Portland, Oregon.   My work reflects the vibrancy and joy of my heritage as well as the influence of colors in nature found in the PNW.

''Do what you love and do it always'' that is,  why I paint.  

My artistic medium is water-based oils and mixed media on canvas.


My paintings are inspired by the things I love and the magic of color.  Each painting is made of layers of collage, stencils, acrylic paint and texture aiming to draw the viewer into a whimsical story. Accompanied by the music and lyrics I listen to while painting, I follow the twists and turns of my creative process and its many times unexpected outcomes. 

Aiming  to elevate the ordinary in thoughtful and often whimsical ways, my art is meant to inject more joy into our daily existence.


I would love to hear your thoughts about my work. Please leave your comments below and big thanks in advance!

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